Sep 26, 2015


On September 11, 2015, Tim Allan was inducted into the American Banjo Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City for the second time, along with other notable inductees such as PETE SEEGER and STEVE MARTIN. 

Tim is one of only three inductees who have won this privileged honor of re-induction since the founding of the Banjo Hall of Fame in 1998.

In 2002, Tim was inducted in the category of "Performance" (L) and in September, 2015, he was inducted in the category of "Education"(R). 

Tim and Nida enjoyed the display of vintage banjos.

The day after the ceremony, inductees had a chance to perform in the Banjo Museum's entertainment room. Tim enjoyed playing two songs with the Banjo Museum's owner, Jack Canine.

Europe, May 2015

Tim returned to Germany again in May of 2015 for performances in Wuerzburg and Pforzheim.
                                             Tim had various guests performing with him.
         Tim and Nida enjoyed a musical visit with popular banjoist, Dierk Frerichs, in Sinsheim.
                     Nida and Tim had spare time to return to Paris and other parts of France.