Oct 2, 2016

Europe - May/June 2016

                   My wife, Nida, and I returned to Germany once again for my annual concert performance in Pforzheim.
After playing in southern Germany, we drove to Austria staying at various resorts on different lakes in northern Austria and southern Austria. This photo is taken on Woerther Lake.

From southern Austria, we stayed for a few nights in the Italian Alps, the Sud Tirol, at the Panorama Resort where I played my guitar for the "Germanic" Italians.

            From this resort, we drove to another resort hotel farther south in the Brenner Pass, where I performed for two evening concerts. I had played here two years before.

When our visit to Italy finished, we headed back through Austria to Germany. We stayed for a few nights in a wonderful old town on the Rhine River, called Bacharach, and  I performed one happy evening at a nearby hotel.

We spent a few more days touring Germany before returning to Toronto.