Feb 15, 2008

February 2007, JazzSea Cruise, Mexican Riviera

In February, 2007, the JazzSea Cruise left from San Diego, California, on a 10-day Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the M.S.Ryndam. The ship traveled past Baja California as far as Puerta Vallarta, then returned with stops at many ports along the way. This photo shows Tim and his wife, Nida, at one of the formal dinners.

Tim performed his mainstage concerts and conducted the Banjos Aweigh banjo band for their mainstage finale concert. Tim also provided lessons for a variety of stringed instruments while onboard.


In September, 2006, in Toronto, Tim had the pleasure to play and sing "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise", along with the Burke Seitz, the son of the song's composer, Ernest Seitz. Tim had met the Seitz family in Toronto years before, when Tim was performing this song for the opening ceremonies of a small park called "Sunrise Park". The location of this park is behind the building in Toronto where Ernest Seitz was living when he wrote this song in the early 1900s. The song is a mainstay in any jazz banjo player's repertoire, and was honored as such, at the Banjo Hall Of Fame Museum in Guthrie, Oklahoma earlier in 2006.