Feb 15, 2008

NOVEMBER 2 - BUFFALO BANJO BAND's 40th Anniversary

Tim performed for the Buffalo Banjo Band's 40th Anniversary held at the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island , NY. Various band members sang and played throughout the happy evening. There were honors bestowed upon original founding members, including Bob Werner, shown here singing a crowd favorite called "Egyptianella".


Through the fall of 2007, Tim provided 5-string banjo and guitar coaching to two actors in a movie called "The Love Guru", to be released in June 2008. Mike Myers, who comes from Toronto, wrote and produced this film, as well as acting in it. He plays the part of an Indian Guru who helps an American hockey team overcome its losing streak by using love. The movie was filmed in Toronto and used some of Toronto’s scenery as its sets. Since the Guru is supposed to be from India, a beach area just east of Toronto was set up to be an Indian village. (See photo)

Naturally, many of the extras had to be of East Indian descent. One of the musical costars, Manu Narayan, has Indian parents, but he was born in Pittsburgh. Manu had to learn 5-string banjo in two weeks for his scene in the finale of the movie, which was being filmed on the beach at the “Scarborough Bluffs”. Tim was hired by the music director, John Hoolihan, to coach Manu on the 5-string banjo first, then later on, the guitar. This young musician picked up both instruments very quickly, and was able to “dub” in his musical parts with much confidence and believability.(See photo) Another performer, Robert Schneider, also had some on-set banjo coaching from Tim in a "bar" scene.

To top it off, the young starlet, Jessica Alba, plays the Guru’s love interest. Tim's two sons , who are in their twenties, were especially envious of his proximity to this popular actress. Here's a shot of Jessica Alba with Mike Myers in his "Guru" costume.